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Euro Senior Championships 2016 Oliveira de Azemeis

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Bronze goes to France & Germany

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GERMANY v FRANCE match was abandoned due to ill health of the Germany coach. He collapsed during the match and was taken to hospital in a conscious state.

We have now been reliably informed that Marc Berenbeck was taken to the St Omer hospital and then flown to the regional heart hospital for further investigation.

Under 20 Euro Championships 2012 St Omer

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The Under 20′s European Championships 2012 will be the last of this years European Championships which will be held in St Omer, France. The opening Roller Hockey match is scheduled to start on 29th October at 2.30pm GMT  This eight team championship is made up of two pools played over six days  starting with Spain v England.
We will be covering all the matches with scores and action photos.

GMT 29/10/2012 …….. …………… GMT 30/10/2012 …….. ……………
14.30 Spain 6-1 England  PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 20-0 Holland PHOTOS 
16.00 Italy 5-2 Switzerland PHOTOS 16.30 England 0-7 Italy PHOTOS 
17.30 Germany 0-11 Portugal  PHOTOS 18.00 Switzerland 1-7 Spain  PHOTOS
19.30 France 6-0 Holland PHOTOS  19.30 Germany 3-3 France  PHOTOS


GMT 31/10/2012 ……… ……………. GMT 1/11/2012 …….. …………… ……………
15.00 Holland 0-13 Germany PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 14-1 England  PHOTOS
16.30 Switzerland 6-2 England PHOTOS 16.30 Holland 0-8 Spain PHOTOS
18.00 Spain 5-2 Italy PHOTOS 18.00 Germany 5-2 Italy  PHOTOS
19.30 France 2-6 Portugal  PHOTOS 19.30 France 8-2 Switzerland  PHOTOS


GMT 2/11/2012 …….. …………… …………… GMT 3/11/2012 …….. ……………
15.00  England 2-9 Italy PHOTOS  15.00 England 5-4 Holland PHOTOS
16.30  Holland 0-9 Switzerland  PHOTOS 16.30 Italy 5-3  Switzerland  PHOTOS
18.00  Portugal 11-1 Germany PHOTOS 18.00 Germany A France PHOTOS
19.30 Spain 6-0 France PHOTOS 19.30 Portugal 4-3  Spain PHOTOS

Spain U17 Champions

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Spain are the 2012 U17 European Champions beating France 3-2 in Ploufragan, France today.


Under 17′s European Championships 2012

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This seasons International tournaments will soon be upon us starting with the Under 17 European Roller Hockey Championships in Ploufragan, France. This year in the first phase eight teams split in to two pools will compete and start the journey for the european title. This CERH competition is the championship for counties to show their upcoming players  with their skill and tallent for the first time.

The action starts on Monday 27th August with Andorra v Portugal then two other matches before the Opening Ceremony. England will face the hosts France in front of a full house including dignitaries and VIP’s for the regional councils and sports administrators.

You can follow all the action here at Roller-Hockey Photos with up to date scores and action photos from each match.

BST 27/8/2012 …….. …………… BST 28/8/2012 …….. ……………
15.00 Andorra 0-9 Portugal PHOTOS 15.45 Spain 4-0 England PHOTOS
16.15 Italy 4-0 Switzerland PHOTOS 17.00 Portugal 9-0 Switzerland PHOTOS
17.30 Spain 10-0 Germany PHOTOS 18.15 Italy 4-0 Andorra PHOTOS
18.45 OPENING CEREMONY 19.30 France 4-4 Germany PHOTOS
19.30 France 8-1 England PHOTOS


BST 29/8/2012 ……… ……………. BST 30/8/2012 …….. …………… ……………
15.45 Switzerland 2-1 Andorra PHOTOS 15.00 England 0-5 Italy PHOTOS
17.00 England 0-4 Germany PHOTOS 16.30 Spain 9-0 Andorra PHOTOS
18.15 Portugal 1-2 Italy PHOTOS 18.00 Germany 1-5 Portugal PHOTOS
19.30 France 2-4 Spain PHOTOS 19.30 France 8-0 Switzerland PHOTOS


BST 31/8/2012 …….. …………… …………… BST 1/9/2012 …….. ……………
15.00 Andorra 5-2 Germany PHOTOS 15.00 Germany 6-0 Switzerland PHOTOS
16.30 England 2-1 Switzerland PHOTOS 16.30 Andorra 1-2 England PHOTOS
18.00 Spain 3-1 Portugal PHOTOS 18.00 Portugal 4-1 Italy PHOTOS
19.30 Italy 2-3 France PHOTOS 19.30 Spain 3-2 France PHOTOS

Carlos Amaral England Roller Hockey’s National Coaching Director has announced the 2012 England Under 17 Team as follows:

Tommy Allander (GK) (NORWICH RHC)
Guy Osborne (GK)  (HERNE BAY RHC)
Jordan Chambers (BURY RHC)
Lewis Greenwood (HERNE BAY UNITED)
Jamie Griffin (KINGS LYNN RHC)
Alex Jones (BURY RHC)
Scott Neville (BURY RHC)
Harry Parfitt (BURY RHC)
Jack Tucker (KINGS LYNN RHC)


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The 2011 International Season

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Worlds09Argentina-Spain2This years International Season will soon be with us with the World Men’s Seniors Championships being held in San Juan at the back end of September. The European Under 17′s this year are in the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland at the beginning of September.

Barcelos, Portugal will host the Under 20′s World Championships to 16 teams starting on 10th September 2011 and this years European Ladies will be in Cronenberg in Germany this coming October.

September is going to be a busy time for us due to the fact that we have been asked buy some participating teams of the mens worlds and the under 20′s to represent them and take there photos this year. In addition to this we will be uploading pictures of the matches to our achieve gallery which is used buy many Roller Hockey writers world wide for their source of editorial picture content.

2011 England Under 20 Team

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U20_2011Carlos Amaral, National Coaching Director, has announced the England Under 20 Team to participate in the World Championships which will take place in Barcelos, Portugal 11th to 17th September 2011.

Goal Keepers
Matt Stearn – Peterborough RHC
Sam Cayley – Peterborough RHC
Outfield Players
Hanwei Lim – Peterborough RHC
Josh Taylor – Kings Lynn RHC
Liam Conroy – Igualada (Spain)
Michael Carter – Peterborough RHC
Nicholas Flint – Peterborough RHC
Sam Norris – Bury RHC
Sam Norton – Bury RHC
William Smith – Middlesbrough RHC

2011 Knockout Cups

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Teams from all over the country competed in the 2011 knockout rounds of the Knockout Cups, at the Ross Peers Sports Center, Soham today and you can see all the results from the days games listed below. The NRHA would like to congratulate Plymouth, HBU, Invicta, Ely, Peterborough and Bury for winner their matches and who will compete in their respective age groups on Cup Finals day on 23rd July.

U11 HBU 11-0 Grimsby
U11 Herne Bay 1-2 Plymouth
U11 HBU 24-0 Bury
U15 Invicta 3-1 Bury
U15 Ely 2-1 Herne Bay
U20 Middlesboro 3-4 Peterboro
U13 HBU 4-3 Ely
U13 Invicta 6-1 Spen Valley
U17 Peterbro 2-1 Invicta
U17 Ely 4-5 Bury


Spanish Success At The Euro U20 Ladies

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Spain took gold againthis year at the Euro under 20′s in Darmstadt, Germany. Teams from Spain, France, England, Switzerland and Germany all competed at the four day championship which concluded in the following final placings.

1 Spain
2 Germany
3 England

4 Switzerland
5 France

We must send our congratulations to the organising committee for a spectacular opening and closing ceremony along with the all the volunteers that made these championships a success.


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