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Ian Morrison 12 years of Spanish Roller Hockey

Filed under: UK National News — Gordon Morrison @ 1 April 2012

Ian MorrisonIts now twelve years since Ian Morrison ex Letchworth RHC player went out to Spain to play Roller Hockey, and is still playing. He currently plays for the asturian club CP Areces in the Spanish National Division 1 and has done so for the last six years. Over this time he has put his roots down and has fitted into the Spanish way of life mastering the language and traditions.

Recently Ians regional newspaper wrote an article on him and the club outlining his club career and personal life which you can read the translation. In addition to this you can see Ian in the photos of Areces v CP Cerceda played last month.

This is the newspaper article translated

He came first for the Hockey then everything else followed. What can we say about the love story between the Englishman Ian Morrison and Spain. Its a passion that he shares with Arece’s as a goalkeeper and English Roller Hockey. He came to Asturias six years ago.
Ian was born in 1983 in Luton, Bedfordshire. But he was 15 when his love for Roller Hockey found him in Catalan town of Vic, where he attended a Roller Hockey summer school.

When he was 17 he was part of the first team of Vic, he also played in European Competitions for England Roller Hockey. He then joined G.E.I.E.G. in Gerona. Ian found it very hard at first being in a country where he did not know anyone or speak any Spanish.

He found it very difficult in Catalonia as people had there friends and it was very difficult to become part of those groups. But when he came to Asturias it was different people were much easier to make friends with.

Ian then signed up for a Team in San Sebastian, a beautiful city but the level of hockey was quite low. It was there that he met an Asturian girl whom he is to marry in August 2012. Everything seem to come together and he found himself living in Asturias. The level of roller hockey was of a high standard and his future wife was here. Ian said this whilst sipping a beer in a bar in his neighbourhood Florida, Oviedo.

It has been a long time and Ian now feels Oviedo is more like home, where he has many friends, a job and a wife to be. He does not think he will return to England even in death. After 12 years in Spain he has lost touch with friends and feels his life now is in Oviedo where he teaches in San Ignacio & Santa Teresa School. He also tutors students and last summer started a small business to bring some of his students to England to improve there level of English.

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