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La Copa del Rey (Kings Cup) Spain

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Copa Del Rey 2013 CHAMPIONS

This years Copa del Rey will be hosted in Oviedo, Spain where some of the best teams in the world line up. FC Barcelona, Reus Deportiu, C P Vic, ICG Software Lleida, Coinasa Liceo, Mopesa Vilanova, Moritz Vendrell and Igualada HC. ICG Software Lleida v Coinasa Liceo starts the competition at 19.00hrs on 28th February with two matches on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday finishing Sunday with the final starting at 12.45hrs.

See the photos here

ICG Software Lleida 3-7 Coinasa Liceo
Reus Deportiu 5-3 C.P. Vic
Mopesa C.P. Vilanova 2-3 Moritz C.E.Vendrell
Igualada H.C. 1-7 F.C.Barcelona

Coinasa Liceo 3-4 Reus Deportiu
Moritz C.E. Vendrell 7-3 F.C.Barcelona

Reus Deportiu 3-4 Moritz C.E. Vendrell

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