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Eastern Counties Cup Finals 2013

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This years Eastern Counties Cup Finals Day held at the Bushfields Sports Centre had two VIP’s in attendence. Fernando Graca President of the CERH (Roller Hockey European governing body) and Luis Rei Vice President of the CEA.

The eastern regions big day started at 9.15am with the first of  10 under 9, 10 minute matches. In addition to the new comers to the sport the action packed days schedule  included cup matches ages for under 11, under 13, under 15, under 17, and under 20′s. The ladies match was a close call which was full of flair and determination, finally the last two games of the day were by the senior’s.

To see all the match results go to


Coupe des Nations 2013

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France, Switzerland, Germany, Angola, Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the host club Montreux wil compete over the holiday weekend for the Coupe des Nations trophy. This bianual event is hosted a few months before the Mens senior World championship which this year will be hosted in Angola.


You can see all the PHOTOS HERE

Areces V FM Roller

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During a recent trip to Oviedo Spain I took in a a match which turn out to be a local derby between Areces and FM Roller. A fast end to game with eleven goals and abuse at the refs, a great game to watch and a pleasure to see the home team win.


La Copa del Rey (Kings Cup) Spain

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Copa Del Rey 2013 CHAMPIONS

This years Copa del Rey will be hosted in Oviedo, Spain where some of the best teams in the world line up. FC Barcelona, Reus Deportiu, C P Vic, ICG Software Lleida, Coinasa Liceo, Mopesa Vilanova, Moritz Vendrell and Igualada HC. ICG Software Lleida v Coinasa Liceo starts the competition at 19.00hrs on 28th February with two matches on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday finishing Sunday with the final starting at 12.45hrs.

See the photos here

ICG Software Lleida 3-7 Coinasa Liceo
Reus Deportiu 5-3 C.P. Vic
Mopesa C.P. Vilanova 2-3 Moritz C.E.Vendrell
Igualada H.C. 1-7 F.C.Barcelona

Coinasa Liceo 3-4 Reus Deportiu
Moritz C.E. Vendrell 7-3 F.C.Barcelona

Reus Deportiu 3-4 Moritz C.E. Vendrell

When Areces met Barcelona Spanish Nat 1

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In a cracking match in Grado near Oviedo, Areces were victors over Barcelona last weekend in their home game in the Spanish National Division one. The 2-1 win lifted them to ninth place in the league table.


HBU v Uri CERS Cup 2012

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Herne Bay United will take on RHC Uri (Switzerland) in their home leg of the 2012 CERS Cup. Uri’s home Roller Hockey match took place on 10th of this month and HBU took a hit to the tune of 7-0. To see HBU take on the swiss team you’ll need to be at the Herne Bay Arena, Gate 4, Herne Bay High School, Bullockstone Rd, Herne Bay, CT6 7NS on Saturday 24/11/2011 starting at 6pm.

We’ll be there to get all the action.





Courtesy of HBU

Final Day Euro U20 Championships

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Bronze goes to France & Germany

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GERMANY v FRANCE match was abandoned due to ill health of the Germany coach. He collapsed during the match and was taken to hospital in a conscious state.

We have now been reliably informed that Marc Berenbeck was taken to the St Omer hospital and then flown to the regional heart hospital for further investigation.

Under 20 Euro Championships 2012 St Omer

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The Under 20′s European Championships 2012 will be the last of this years European Championships which will be held in St Omer, France. The opening Roller Hockey match is scheduled to start on 29th October at 2.30pm GMT  This eight team championship is made up of two pools played over six days  starting with Spain v England.
We will be covering all the matches with scores and action photos.

GMT 29/10/2012 …….. …………… GMT 30/10/2012 …….. ……………
14.30 Spain 6-1 England  PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 20-0 Holland PHOTOS 
16.00 Italy 5-2 Switzerland PHOTOS 16.30 England 0-7 Italy PHOTOS 
17.30 Germany 0-11 Portugal  PHOTOS 18.00 Switzerland 1-7 Spain  PHOTOS
19.30 France 6-0 Holland PHOTOS  19.30 Germany 3-3 France  PHOTOS


GMT 31/10/2012 ……… ……………. GMT 1/11/2012 …….. …………… ……………
15.00 Holland 0-13 Germany PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 14-1 England  PHOTOS
16.30 Switzerland 6-2 England PHOTOS 16.30 Holland 0-8 Spain PHOTOS
18.00 Spain 5-2 Italy PHOTOS 18.00 Germany 5-2 Italy  PHOTOS
19.30 France 2-6 Portugal  PHOTOS 19.30 France 8-2 Switzerland  PHOTOS


GMT 2/11/2012 …….. …………… …………… GMT 3/11/2012 …….. ……………
15.00  England 2-9 Italy PHOTOS  15.00 England 5-4 Holland PHOTOS
16.30  Holland 0-9 Switzerland  PHOTOS 16.30 Italy 5-3  Switzerland  PHOTOS
18.00  Portugal 11-1 Germany PHOTOS 18.00 Germany A France PHOTOS
19.30 Spain 6-0 France PHOTOS 19.30 Portugal 4-3  Spain PHOTOS

Spain U17 Champions

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Spain are the 2012 U17 European Champions beating France 3-2 in Ploufragan, France today.


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