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Final Day Euro U20 Championships

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Bronze goes to France & Germany

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GERMANY v FRANCE match was abandoned due to ill health of the Germany coach. He collapsed during the match and was taken to hospital in a conscious state.

We have now been reliably informed that Marc Berenbeck was taken to the St Omer hospital and then flown to the regional heart hospital for further investigation.

Under 20 Euro Championships 2012 St Omer

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The Under 20′s European Championships 2012 will be the last of this years European Championships which will be held in St Omer, France. The opening Roller Hockey match is scheduled to start on 29th October at 2.30pm GMT  This eight team championship is made up of two pools played over six days  starting with Spain v England.
We will be covering all the matches with scores and action photos.

GMT 29/10/2012 …….. …………… GMT 30/10/2012 …….. ……………
14.30 Spain 6-1 England  PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 20-0 Holland PHOTOS 
16.00 Italy 5-2 Switzerland PHOTOS 16.30 England 0-7 Italy PHOTOS 
17.30 Germany 0-11 Portugal  PHOTOS 18.00 Switzerland 1-7 Spain  PHOTOS
19.30 France 6-0 Holland PHOTOS  19.30 Germany 3-3 France  PHOTOS


GMT 31/10/2012 ……… ……………. GMT 1/11/2012 …….. …………… ……………
15.00 Holland 0-13 Germany PHOTOS 15.00 Portugal 14-1 England  PHOTOS
16.30 Switzerland 6-2 England PHOTOS 16.30 Holland 0-8 Spain PHOTOS
18.00 Spain 5-2 Italy PHOTOS 18.00 Germany 5-2 Italy  PHOTOS
19.30 France 2-6 Portugal  PHOTOS 19.30 France 8-2 Switzerland  PHOTOS


GMT 2/11/2012 …….. …………… …………… GMT 3/11/2012 …….. ……………
15.00  England 2-9 Italy PHOTOS  15.00 England 5-4 Holland PHOTOS
16.30  Holland 0-9 Switzerland  PHOTOS 16.30 Italy 5-3  Switzerland  PHOTOS
18.00  Portugal 11-1 Germany PHOTOS 18.00 Germany A France PHOTOS
19.30 Spain 6-0 France PHOTOS 19.30 Portugal 4-3  Spain PHOTOS

Spain U17 Champions

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Spain are the 2012 U17 European Champions beating France 3-2 in Ploufragan, France today.


Under 17′s European Championships 2012

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This seasons International tournaments will soon be upon us starting with the Under 17 European Roller Hockey Championships in Ploufragan, France. This year in the first phase eight teams split in to two pools will compete and start the journey for the european title. This CERH competition is the championship for counties to show their upcoming players  with their skill and tallent for the first time.

The action starts on Monday 27th August with Andorra v Portugal then two other matches before the Opening Ceremony. England will face the hosts France in front of a full house including dignitaries and VIP’s for the regional councils and sports administrators.

You can follow all the action here at Roller-Hockey Photos with up to date scores and action photos from each match.

BST 27/8/2012 …….. …………… BST 28/8/2012 …….. ……………
15.00 Andorra 0-9 Portugal PHOTOS 15.45 Spain 4-0 England PHOTOS
16.15 Italy 4-0 Switzerland PHOTOS 17.00 Portugal 9-0 Switzerland PHOTOS
17.30 Spain 10-0 Germany PHOTOS 18.15 Italy 4-0 Andorra PHOTOS
18.45 OPENING CEREMONY 19.30 France 4-4 Germany PHOTOS
19.30 France 8-1 England PHOTOS


BST 29/8/2012 ……… ……………. BST 30/8/2012 …….. …………… ……………
15.45 Switzerland 2-1 Andorra PHOTOS 15.00 England 0-5 Italy PHOTOS
17.00 England 0-4 Germany PHOTOS 16.30 Spain 9-0 Andorra PHOTOS
18.15 Portugal 1-2 Italy PHOTOS 18.00 Germany 1-5 Portugal PHOTOS
19.30 France 2-4 Spain PHOTOS 19.30 France 8-0 Switzerland PHOTOS


BST 31/8/2012 …….. …………… …………… BST 1/9/2012 …….. ……………
15.00 Andorra 5-2 Germany PHOTOS 15.00 Germany 6-0 Switzerland PHOTOS
16.30 England 2-1 Switzerland PHOTOS 16.30 Andorra 1-2 England PHOTOS
18.00 Spain 3-1 Portugal PHOTOS 18.00 Portugal 4-1 Italy PHOTOS
19.30 Italy 2-3 France PHOTOS 19.30 Spain 3-2 France PHOTOS

Carlos Amaral England Roller Hockey’s National Coaching Director has announced the 2012 England Under 17 Team as follows:

Tommy Allander (GK) (NORWICH RHC)
Guy Osborne (GK)  (HERNE BAY RHC)
Jordan Chambers (BURY RHC)
Lewis Greenwood (HERNE BAY UNITED)
Jamie Griffin (KINGS LYNN RHC)
Alex Jones (BURY RHC)
Scott Neville (BURY RHC)
Harry Parfitt (BURY RHC)
Jack Tucker (KINGS LYNN RHC)

Middlesbrough take the Cup

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England Roller Hockey held the 2012 National Cup Final at the new rink in Herne Bay. This new rink opened late last year after the pier pavilion closed.

The Senior National Cup was challenged by two northern teams this year, Grimsby RHC National League champions and runners up Middlesbrough RHC. The match had a slow start as both teams testing each other as Grimsby wanted the double and Middlesbrough needed a title this year after losing the National League to Grimsby on goal difference.

The fifty minutes of play seemed even but Middlesbrough had a little more luck as Gimsbys Marc Waddingham and Captain Andrew Simm rattled the goal post on several occasions and Boro’s Owen Stewart and Sam Kay had the accuracy.

The match ended with a final score of 6-3 to Middlesbrough.


Ian Morrison 12 years of Spanish Roller Hockey

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Ian MorrisonIts now twelve years since Ian Morrison ex Letchworth RHC player went out to Spain to play Roller Hockey, and is still playing. He currently plays for the asturian club CP Areces in the Spanish National Division 1 and has done so for the last six years. Over this time he has put his roots down and has fitted into the Spanish way of life mastering the language and traditions.

Recently Ians regional newspaper wrote an article on him and the club outlining his club career and personal life which you can read the translation. In addition to this you can see Ian in the photos of Areces v CP Cerceda played last month.

This is the newspaper article translated

He came first for the Hockey then everything else followed. What can we say about the love story between the Englishman Ian Morrison and Spain. Its a passion that he shares with Arece’s as a goalkeeper and English Roller Hockey. He came to Asturias six years ago.
Ian was born in 1983 in Luton, Bedfordshire. But he was 15 when his love for Roller Hockey found him in Catalan town of Vic, where he attended a Roller Hockey summer school.

When he was 17 he was part of the first team of Vic, he also played in European Competitions for England Roller Hockey. He then joined G.E.I.E.G. in Gerona. Ian found it very hard at first being in a country where he did not know anyone or speak any Spanish.

He found it very difficult in Catalonia as people had there friends and it was very difficult to become part of those groups. But when he came to Asturias it was different people were much easier to make friends with.

Ian then signed up for a Team in San Sebastian, a beautiful city but the level of hockey was quite low. It was there that he met an Asturian girl whom he is to marry in August 2012. Everything seem to come together and he found himself living in Asturias. The level of roller hockey was of a high standard and his future wife was here. Ian said this whilst sipping a beer in a bar in his neighbourhood Florida, Oviedo.

It has been a long time and Ian now feels Oviedo is more like home, where he has many friends, a job and a wife to be. He does not think he will return to England even in death. After 12 years in Spain he has lost touch with friends and feels his life now is in Oviedo where he teaches in San Ignacio & Santa Teresa School. He also tutors students and last summer started a small business to bring some of his students to England to improve there level of English.


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Senior World Championships 2011

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RollerHockey1444We are very pleased to say we will be photographing all the matches from this years Senior World Championships in San Juan Argentina. Log on and have a look at the pictures throughout the week and see all the action from your rink side seat. In addition to the photos all the match score will be added to keep you up to date with the winners and losers from this spectacular event.


21.00 Spain 8-1 Chile PHOTOS



——- ……….

26/9/2011 …….. ……………… ………….
10.00 England 1-5 Colombia PHOTOS 10.00 USA 4-7 Angola PHOTOS
11.30 Mozambique 10-1 USA PHOTOS 11.30 Colombia 2-4 France PHOTOS
13.00 Switzerland 6-0 Holland PHOTOS 13.00 Germany 1-6 Italy PHOTOS
16.30 Angola 2-6 Portugal PHOTOS 15.00 England 2-7 Brazil PHOTOS
18.00 South Africa 0-10 Italy PHOTOS 16.30 Mozambique 3-7 Portugal PHOTOS
19.30 France 1-8 Brazil PHOTOS 18.00 Spain 15-1 Holland PHOTOS
21.30 Germany 2-4 Argentina PHOTOS 19.30 Chile 3-1 Switzerland PHOTOS
21.30 Argentina 10-1 South Africa *

Times are British Summer Time (BST) -4


——- ………………. …………..


29/9/2011 …….. …………… ………….
10.00 Columbia 2-9 Brazil PHOTOS 09.00 Switzerland 3-2 South Africa PHOTOS
11.30 Germany 9-2 South Africa PHOTOS 10.30 Germany 3-2 Holland PHOTOS
13.00 Mozambique 4-3 Angola PHOTOS 12.00 Angola 7-1 England PHOTOS
15.00 England 1-5 France PHOTOS 13.30 Columbia 5-2 USA PHOTOS
16.30 USA 1-18 Portugal PHOTOS 16.30 Portugal 6-3 France PHOTOS
18.00 Chile 6-1 Holland PHOTOS 18.00 Brazil 6-9 Mozambique PHOTOS
19.30 Spain 4-0 Switzerland PHOTOS 19.30 Spain 5-2 Italy PHOTOS
21.30 Argentina 7-2 Italy * 21.30 Chile 3-12 Argentina *



——- ………………. …………..


01/10/2011 …….. …………… ………….
9.00 South Africa 9-11 USA
09.00 South Africa 3-7 England PHOTOS
10.30 Holland 4-3 England PHOTOS 10.30 Holland 0-5 USA PHOTOS
12.00 Switzerland 6-0 Columbia PHOTOS 12.00 Columbia 1-3 Angola PHOTOS
13.30 Germany 4-3 Angola PHOTOS 13.30 Switzerland 4-3 Germany PHOTOS
16.30 France 3-4 Chile PHOTOS 15.30 France 5-4 Brazil PHOTOS
18.00 Brazil 1-6 Italy PHOTOS 17.00 Chile 0-4 Italy PHOTOS
19.30 Mozambique 3-4 Spain * 18.30 Mozambique 2-9 Portugal PHOTOS
21.30 Portugal 3-4 Argentina * 20.00 Spain 5-4 Argentina *

* No photos due to insufficient space at the rink for photographers.
** No photos due photographing Angola 2013 presentation


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4107Congratulations to Spain for becoming the Under 20′s World Champions in Barcelos Portugal.

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