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Young hopefuls go to Portugal

Filed under: National Development — Gordon Morrison @ 26 October 2006

An England Select with players born in 1993 & 1994 went abroad to Barcelos – Portugal for 4 days training which included training sessions and friendly games.

We went Thursday evening 19th October and back on Tuesday morning 20th October.
This was the third trip with the boys and there is a big improvement from February when we had the first trip.

The objective for these trips is to develop players for 2009/2010 European Schoolboys to ensure we can be more competitive team and play for at least third place.

Friday we had 2 training sessions, first at Barcelos Sport Centre and second at Campo Sport Centre and then in the evening we played Fao at Fao Sport Centre, we won 7-5 (in February we played them and we lost 4-2).

Saturday we had 2 training sessions in Barcelos Sport Centre (morning and evening) and we played Seixas at Barcelos Sport Centre in the afternoon and we won 14-0.

Also, we were invited by the President of Oquei de Barcelos to watch in the evening Oquei de Barcelos versus Portosantense for Portuguese Premier League at Barcelos Sport Centre (Barcelos won 4-2).

Sunday we had a training session at Barcelinhos Sport Centre in the morning and then we played Oquei de Barcelos at Barcelinhos Sport Centre in the afternoon and we lost 6-2.

Monday we had a training session at Barcelos Sport Centre in the morning and then we played ED Viana (youth level for Juventude de Viana) at Juventude de Viana Sport Centre in the evening and we won 14-2.

We had 6 training sessions (14 hours in total) and we played 4 games (wining 3 and loosing 1).
The quality of our individual and tactical play was well appreciated by all the clubs and Portuguese press.

Arthur and I are very pleased with the players’ attitude and with the improvement shown during all sessions and games.

England Select: Sam Cayley (Gk)-Peterborough, Reuben Alam (Gk)-Farnham, Edward Mount (Gk)-HBU, Hanwei Lim-Kings Lynn, Sam Norris-Bury, Liam Conroy-Bury, Danny Butcher-Herne Bay, Nick Flint-Letchworth, Michael Carter-Peterborough, Josh Taylor-Kings Lynn, Ashley Heyworth-Peterborough, Alphie Sheppard-HBU and Kieran Brady-Bury.

Coaches: Carlos Amaral and Arthur Corr

Management: Val Conroy and Julie Norris

Also we would like to thanks Kim Brady (video all the games), Peter Carter (helping on the rink), Paul Mount and Nadeem Alam for all the support given to the team.

Carlos Amaral

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